Tax Delinquent
June 1, 2023

Property Tax Delinquency in Oklahoma | How to Avoid the Tax Resale Auction

How to Avoid the Oklahoma Property Tax Resale | Avoiding the June Auction Home located in Oklahoma City that was going up for resale but was saved by Free Home…
Code Violations
May 20, 2023

Why Property Code Enforcement Matters And How To Resolve City Violations

 Resolving Your City Code Enforcement Violations   The property code compliance division and permit office governs the local building codes and ordinances within your city. The city code enforcement violations…
May 10, 2023

Mortgage Delinquency in Oklahoma | How to Avoid Foreclosure and the Sheriff Sale

Oklahoma Foreclosure Process  If you get behind on your mortgage and miss monthly payments the lender will consider you delinquent and will proceed in the necessary steps to legally sell…
May 1, 2023

Oklahoma Probate Process | Selling your Inherited Property

 Selling Your Inherited Property A deceased person's property, including real estate, is distributed through the legal process known as probate. The Oklahoma Probate process typically involves the following steps: Filing…